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'Namaki' is a photographic investigation developed in Mexico on the Chupacabra, a mythological beast that is said to suck the blood of animals to nourish itself.

The identity of this creature is present in the collective imagination of Mexicans, despite little being known about it: the Chupacabra is a crepuscular animal, a silent predator that moves among humans without arousing suspicion, leaving only traces of its attacks and the remains of mutilated prey. This creature, purely driven by the instinct to feed, perfectly embodies nature in all its methodical and ruthless indifference, where survival dominates, creating a raw and unsentimental balance.

'Namaki' identifies the Chupacabra as a symbol of the complex connection between humanity and the wild nature, illustrating how humans relate to myth and become captivated by it. The investigation invites the audience to reflect on the duality of reality, juxtaposing the palpable violence of nature with the magic and stories that tell of legends, creating an experience that goes beyond mere documentation of the beast, delving into the mythological and cultural tapestry of Mexico, following the traces of the mysterious creature.

© 2024 Nicola Russo photography

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