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Nicola Russo (Tivoli 1998) is a photographer graduated from the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA). In his projects there is always a presence of inner exploration, developing images that lie between documentary and conceptual photography.


Among the exhibitions he has participated in, we find:

Mutant GRANT, by Mutant, Monaco 2024

Publication 'ISSP 2024 Agenda', by di ISSP, 2023

One eye sees, the other feels. By Zone Magazine, Daste, Bergamo, 2022

GARBATELLA MIND M(U)P, Fotonistallazione corale, by Collettivo Fare cose, Rome, 2020

MOOTUM, l’osservatore alla ricerca di se, Rome university of fine arts, Rome, 2020

Residenza ambasciata italiana in Messico, Mexico City, 2019

Elogio all’imperfezione, Fondamenta Gallery (inside art), Rome, 2018

Nicola_Russo_self-portrait_03 c.jpg

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